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Taking a chance or risk does not have to be a matter of luck.  Risk engineering service is about taking calculated chance in your favor and profiting through our risk services or  Reliability Centered Maintenance.  You can lower the compounding affects of risks through risk based inspections, risk assessment, and one of our risk engineering services in your facility.  It is all about bringing risk and safety together.


Whether your needs are to lower your maintenance costs though our reliability centered maintenance service or completing risk based inspections for Boilers & Machinery Insurance or your equipment, then our risk engineering services are right for you.


What risk service is right for you at AIS Risk Engineering Services..

Reliability Centered Maintenance RCM

  • RCM on specialized equipment like a boiler, pressure vessel, turbine, electrical power equipment, aboveground storage tanks, and machinery. 

Risk Services

  • Risk assessment software on boilers, pressure vessels, and machinery for injuries, fatalities, property damage, business interruption, extra expense, and contingency. 

  • Due Diligence for plant equipment and the process. Without the equipment there is no manufacturing or production.  A Due Diligence Study on facility equipment is as important as Due Diligence on a facilities financials.

    Risk Software

  • The 'Equalizer Risk Assessment' v.1.0 is unique risk software for making risk assessments on boilers and pressure vessels.  The Equalizer is about combining worker compensation risks or injuries and fatalities with business risk like property damage, business interruption, and extra expense. Order form: Order Form. PDF Sample: Sample Equalizer. PDF



     n        Boilers & Pressure Vessels Risk Assessment for

    o         Workers Compensation: Assess Injuries and Fatalities

    o         Business Risk:  Assess Property Damager, Business Interruption, Extra Expense and Plant Interdependency

    n        Measure the importance of recommendations and residual risk

    n        Graphically displays the importance on a bar chart

    n        Risk is measured on a 0-100 scale

    n        Risks are rated in categories.

    n        No special training is needed.


    What can you do with it…

    n       Evaluate the importance of any situation regarding injuries, fatalities, and business risks associated with boilers and pressure vessels

    n       Help determine whether you should comply to a recommendation immediately or at the next available opportunity

    n       Composite risk score can be printed

    n       Residual risk can be generated separately

    n       Bench mark your field work.

    n       Other risk methods can be compared to ensure they are on track with your information

    n       Prioritize recommendations: combined affects of Workers Compensation and Business Risk, or separate affects.


    • Version 1.0 will be expanded to include machinery, tanks, and electrical equipment with expanded capabilities like database building and other enchantments.

    • This risk software is newly developed and being offered at No Charge.

    •  A modest shipping and handling charge applies.  Order form: Order Form. PDF Sample: Sample Equalizer. PDF

Risk Calculation: Pressure Vessel Probability

The results are simplified. A Risk Engineer should be consulted in every case.  This is used to determine the probability or number of failures per year that your facility is or can experience.  If you have zero-pressure vessel failures then enter the number '1.'  This value of '1'will base your probability at this very moment.  Therefore, as the aging of the pressure vessels in your facility accumulates without failure so will the chances of a fail decrease.  Ideally, a industrialized country can experienced a pressure vessel failure every (approximately) 450-million pressure years, then your probability will decrease to 4.5x10-7 failures per year.  Finally, a probability of 0.001 failures per year is the same as 0.1% or the same as 1 in 1,000 chance of a failure occurring this year.


Number of Known Pressure Vessel Failures

Number of pressure vessels

Estimated Average Life of Pressure Vessels in Facility






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